• To provide time series of ecosystem indicators for management of fisheries, aquaculture, coastal zones and inland water bodies.
  • To enhance in situ observations to characterise local conditions, including sub-surface water properties for assessing water quality, ecological status and potential for human use. Essential also for ground-truthing of satellite observations.
  • To develop and supply value-added products needed for management by local authorities, regional and national governments.
  • To develop tools and techniques for analysis of ChloroGIN products for assessing regime shifts, climate change and climate variability, and the status of fisheries, ocean, coastal and inland water ecosystems, as a basis for policy implementation.
  • To communicate ChloroGIN products of ecosystem state widely to potential users in society and in policy-making bodies.
  • To help train and develop a new generation of scientists with the skills to develop and maintain the ChloroGIN vision.
  • To achieve these objectives by means of an international network of both developed and developing countries.
  • To liaise and cooperate with other Earth Observation groups nationally, regionally and internationally.