This is a demonstration of interoperability between ChloroGIN and the GEOSS Data-CORE. After Selecting an area a GEOSS data link will be shown and a sample of results will be shown at the bottom of the page. If you click on the link you will be shown data that is available in the GEOSS Data-CORE for your chosen geographic area.
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Large areas

Global L3 NASA 90N -> 90S
180W -> 180E
CCI(WebGIS) ESA_CCI 90N -> 90S
180W -> 180E

Local areas

Australia CSIRO 10N -> 60S
80E -> 180E

Relevant GEOSS Data-CORE records for 10N -> 60S ,80E -> 180E (via Access Broker)

Data availability for date selected is dependant on the individual data provider. Please verify that the data viewed is for the preferred date.

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